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Site Rules for Static Members


Whilst we at Peak Gateway all hope Members will have a relaxing  and enjoyable stay and where most Members and visitors will behave in a correct manner, the following rules are designed to ensure all Members are aware of the requirements when staying at the site.


  • Each Member must complete a registration form at the commencement of the season. Each registration can include 2 adults and a number of children (under 18) as long as this does not exceed the berths of the static.

  • The number of people using the static will be restricted to the number of berths inside the static.

  • The static can only be used by those persons registered as members (and on each occasion one of the registered adults should be present).

  • Use by any other person can only be allowed by prior arrangement with Peak Gateway.


  • All Members are requested to keep noise to a minimum from 9.00pm. From midnight until 8.00am the site has a “no noise” policy

  • The management will not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse on any member of the staff.

  • Any member requested to leave the site due to breach of the site rules will not be entitled to any refund of fees outstanding


  • To supervise children properly so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

  • Children must not be left alone on the site at any time.

  • Children under 6 years of age must be accompanied by an adult, around the site, at all times.

  • Children aged 17 and under are the responsibility of their parents or guardian, whilst on the site.

  • Peak Gateway accepts no responsibility for injury and damage caused whilst using the play equipment and any other activities provided.

  • No person under the age of 18 will be allowed in the Family Room of the Outside IN or Blenheim room unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

  • All children should be accompanied by their parent/guardian from 10.00pm.


  • Members will be supplied with a personalized barrier card to enter the site via the electronic barrier. The barrier card is to be used to let in one vehicle and this will be the Members registered vehicle. The member will reimburse Peak Gateway the cost of any damage caused to the electronic barrier through mis-use. A member may register two vehicles.

Pitch use

  • No Gazebos or pup tents are allowed.

  • You are responsible for keeping your static and pitch in a clean and tidy condition.

  • Your pitch is to be used solely as a holiday pitch. Members may occupy the pitch for a period not exceeding 28 nights during any one visit.


  • One storage box is allowed per pitch, it’s size to be approved by the site manager.

  • Items not in use must be stored inside the static and not on the pitch or underneath the static.

  • Bicycles and barbecues should not be left outside when the static is not in use.

  • All items must be kept off the grass around the pitch.

  • Peak Gateway may remove any items left outside.

 Vehicles On Site

  • No vehicular access to the site between 11.30pm and 8.00am. Vehicular movement on the site should be kept to a minimum and cease from 11.30pm. Members wishing to leave the site outside these hours are to leave their vehicles in the visitors car park.

  • There is a maximum speed limit of 10mph on site.

  • Drinking and driving is not allowed on site, nor is it permissible to allow children or anyone not authorized to drive on the public highway, to control a motorized vehicle on site.

  • Only two vehicles are allowed per pitch and any additional vehicles should be left in the visitors car park area.

  • No commercial vehicles are allowed on site past the barrier.

Day Visitors

  • Members are not allowed visitors on site, unless prior agreement has been obtained from reception. Visitor’s cars must be left in the visitors car park and all visitors must leave by 10.00pm.


  • The site and its facilities are used entirely at Members’ own risk. Members must insure their vehicle and personal insurance covers third party liability whilst on the site. No liability is accepted by us in respect of any person or property.

  • Vehicles and statics at Peak Gateway are left entirely at the owners’ risk. We recommended that they are insured accordingly.

Electrical/Gas Use

  • Heating of static’s should be by way of the heating system supplied by the manufacturer of the static van. No electric heaters are allowed in static’s unless agreed with the site manager.

  • A current electrical safety certificate is required for all statics. Peak Gateway may require sight of this certificate.

  • All gas cylinders should be placed in the designated area and not left outside at any time.

Consumption of Alcohol and Behavior

  • No person under 18 is allowed to consume alcohol anywhere on the site.

  • The management reserves the right to refuse to serve alcoholic drinks to any person and to ask any person to leave the site where such person is behaving in a manner likely to cause a disturbance, damage to equipment, or property. The police will be called in all instances of a disturbance.


  • Water supply on site is not to be used for car washing.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and not left unattended whilst on site.

  • All dog owners must clean up after their dogs.

  • We have a policy to encourage recycling. Please use the bins provided for glass, plastic bottles, cans & cardboard.

  • All other refuse to be disposed of in the general waste bins provided. We will only accept refuse in black bin bags. You are responsible for the removal of larger and bulky items.

  • No barbecues less than 18’’ off the ground (for cooking food only) and no barbeques after 10.00pm. Strictly no campfires or braziers on site.

  • Smoking is only allowed in designated areas.

  • Peak Gateway reserve the right to inspect any static at any time.

  • Peak Gateway reserve the right to request any member to relocate at any time.

Peak Gateway Ltd reserve the right to alter these rules from time to time as necessary and the current version of rules will be available from reception.

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